Your business - Your message

No small operation wants to become a faceless brand as it grows. It’s vital as the owner of a new or growing businesses that you know your concept inside and out, and are 100% clear on your ethos and values. 

The hospitality sector is a crowded market and every business needs to be able to communicate its value to potential customers - and then meet or exceed their expectations. 

Training and Processes

We are experienced in training teams for new or expanding operations - from head chefs to kitchen porters and from restaurant managers to first time waiting staff.  

Your staff are your business and they need to be as clear as you are on what your business stands for - and they need to be able to convey that message to your customers; through their cooking and hospitality.

Whether expanding or just starting out, it’s important to put robust processes in place. 

Training manuals and SOPs should be finished before you open, and now is the time to ensure that you - the owner - aren't at the end of every decision making process. Otherwise you’ll spend all of your time dealing with the minutiae of running the restaurant, instead of focussing on leading the business. 


After your concept and brand, your premises are your most important asset so they must work for you. Planning law categorises premises into a number of use classes and it’s essential to carry out proper due diligence so as to ensure that you find the right premises in the right location.

Your lease governs the relationship between you and your landlord and covers everything from what the premises can be used for to when you can change the signage. A negotiated lease may enable you to streamline landlord consent processes or even remove the requirements in some circumstances enabling you to get on with the important task of opening.

It is sometimes easier, and quicker, to take over an existing operator’s site rather than find vacant premises. However, care should be given to ensure that the assets of the business (including the premises licence) are transferred. In certain circumstances existing employees may need to be employed in the new venture and Landlord’s consent to the transfer will often be required.  

HR and Staffing

For an expanding business, making sure that you have the right procedures, policy and documents are essential, along with ensuring that as your business grows, the changes to roles and responsibilities are identified so everyone is clear about what is expected of them and what they need to achieve to ensure that your business is a success.

Feel secure about growing and staffing your business in a post-Brexit environment, with an experienced team overseeing your recruitment and retention strategy. 

From data protection, to tribunals and and grievances, we have the experience and expertise to advise on exactly what you can do, not just the things you can’t do.