How to cook kale.

Super healthy, but often inedible. This is how to cook kale so that it's delicious every time. 

Full recipe below video.

For 2. 

- 4 Large kale leaves (more if they're smaller)

- As much butter as you see fit. 

- Salt and pepper. 

The first thing to do is buy whole kale leaves. The pre-cut stuff they sell in bags has the stem left in which is tougher and more fibrous than the leaves and doesn't cook at the same speed. 

Remove the stem from your whole leaves by cutting either side of it. Then shred the leaves down into thick strips about an inch across. 

Boil in salted water for around 4 minutes. Taste a piece to see if it's tender. If it's still a little tough, cook for another 30-60 seconds. 

Drain and set aside for a minute. 

In the same pan, add your butter (around 25g is good) and cook until it stops foaming. It will be very hot at this stage. Return your kale to the pan, season well with salt and pepper, and toss in the hot butter for half a minute or so. 

That's it. kale cooked this way is absolutely delicious, every time.