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  • Concept and armature

  • Exciting and profitable food and drink menus

  • Hands-on staff training

  • Service vs Hospitality

  • Recruit and retain motivated staff

  • Marketing and social media

Concept and armature  

We usually find that when a client comes to us seeking help with their concept (either before opening, or after facing problems) what they really need help with is creating an armature. 

An armature - traditionally - is the wire model over which a sculptor builds a statue. It's there to give strength and shape to the finished work, but the viewer should never know it's there. 

Every restaurant needs an armature. A concept is just an idea. An armature is a structure.

The most important job of the armature is to tell your staff what you are. Your staff are your ambassadors, when they know exactly why the restaurant exists, and what they are trying to achieve, they can convey that to your customers.

Profitable food menus

Food menus must suit your concept and your armature - they need to fit with the constraints of your kitchen and the skills of your kitchen brigade, and they must be enticing. 

They must also be affordable for your location and customers, while being profitable for you after all of your overheads. 

Simple right…?

With years of experience in dealing with all of these factors, we can help you to produce menus that make money. 

Unique and exciting drinks menus

Have you noticed that beer drinkers have become more snobbish than wine drinkers? A selection of big name beers wont keep your customers happy any more. 

And a well chosen and original wine menu is more important than ever, as the average customer becomes better informed and more price conscious. 

Your wine suppliers will be a great source of information - but they should not be the source of creation. 

With an in depth understanding of your concept and armature, we work with you to create truly unique, interesting and exciting drinks menus. 

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Hands-on staff training

We train all members of a restaurant team, from 1st time food handlers, to head chefs, and from junior waiters to restaurant managers. 

We don’t provide a ‘one size fits all’ training package. 

The concept and armature of the restaurant will guide our training - it is not our intention to create clones of ourselves. We ensure that your staff engage with the training and internalise the way in which it applies to your restaurant.

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Service vs Hospitality

A much misunderstood aspect of a restaurant is the distinction between service and hospitality. 

Service is functional, it is essentially a list of tasks; it could be done by a robot. 

Hospitality is a uniquely human quality; it touches people and ensures your guests leave with a smile on their face. Provide hospitality and your restaurant will be loved. 

Some say it can’t be taught, but we disagree. 

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Recruit and retain motivated staff

Recruiting for a restaurant poses a very different challenge to recruiting for other industries. 

It is an unusual working environment and we look for some uncommon qualities in potential staff members. 

We offer the insight and experience to ensure that you’re getting the right person, and that any experience claimed on a CV is backed up with practical skills and relevant knowledge. 

Employing the right team is vital, let us help you. 

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Marketing and Social Media

When you’re offering great hospitality and fantastic food and drink, you need to put the word out.

As well as working in conjunction with specialist PR and marketing agencies, we've also created highly successful social media campaigns.

Social media marketing is a low cost and very effective way of putting your food business in front the right audience...but it's also much misunderstood.  

Your prospective customers wont sign up to see adverts or repeated requests for their business. We must be smarter and seek first to entertain, then to inform, and finally to promote. 

In conjunction with House and Garden magazine, we’ve made videos for various restaurants, including Blanchette, Senor Ceviche and The Riding House cafe. You can find a selection of our videos here

Whatever the best route is for your restaurant - we will get you noticed by the people who will actually come and eat there! 

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  • We had a very short time to create a world-class menu for a prestigious event for Ritz Carlton, GQ and Vogue. I contacted Rob Wade with the brief: miniature dishes with serious wow-factor, all matched to the scenes we would be narrating for our guests. He not only delivered on the menu, but managed the cooking, the logistics and personally delivered the food for all five nights of the event. Some of the biggest names in media attended and were all just blown away by the incredible flavours and beautiful appearance of the dishes.
    — Adam Day-Lewin, Creative Director, Conde Nast Digital
  • By working with Rob Wade, we have significantly raised the standard of the food we serve in the AliKats Mountain Holidays’ chalets. He has helped us to refine our menus with both general advice and practical solutions for specific dishes. He has also provided invaluable assistance in planning and delivering two food events for us this year. This was an area in which we had no experience and yet felt confident undertaking with his guidance. Rob has the ability to think of every angle and present inspired yet often simple solutions which are the result of his vast experience and complete competence with everything food and wine related.
    — Kathryn Judge, Head chef and co-owner, Alikats Mountain Holidays
  • Rob is patient, knowledgeable, generous and affirming.
    — Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, London
  • From our first meeting with Rob we were impressed with how he listened, the ideas he presented and his obvious expertise.
    — Andy Williams, Commercial Director, London