Chocolate Mousse

I've seen 100s of recipes for chocolate mousse over the years, but this is probably the simplest and definitely the best. 

It's light and melts in the mouth, and by comparison to most, it's pretty healthy. Just chocolate, egg and a touch of sugar. 

Full recipe below video

Makes 2

2 eggs, separated (you can buy pasteurised whites and yolks quite easily now if you prefer)

60g dark chocolate (around 60-70% cocoa), good quality cooking chocolate is best as some cheaper chocolates can 'seize' when you add the yolks. i.e. turn into a solid ball. 

2 tsp sugar.

That's it!

- Gently melt the chocolate in a bowl set over a pan of simmering water. Remove the bowl and set aside to cool for a couple of minutes. 

- Fold the egg yolks into the chocolate.  

- Whisk the whites until they just about hold their shape, sprinkle over 1 tsp sugar and whisk for another minute. Sprinkle over the second tsp sugar and whisk for about a minute or until it looks glossy and firm, but not stiff. 

- Beat 1/3 of the egg whites into the chocolate, this will loosen the mix and begin to aerate it. 

- Add the remaining egg white and fold together gently, until you have a light, airy mousse with no (or not many) streaks of white through it. 

- Chill for at least 2 hours. Keeps for a couple of days in the fridge.